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A monologue for young people on the topic of violence against women and girls.

Summer is the only girl on her school football team, and with so much at stake at a crucial cup game, her coach has made her Captain. But her phone just won’t stop pinging as she sits alone in the changing room. Nasty texts and hurtful comments from those she thought were her friends.

In this powerful monologue, Summer tells us a story as the clock ticks down to full time and her social media erupts. What has happened to lead her to this point? What decisions will Summer make, and what actions should she take once the full time whistle blows?

The MET, Bury

Book tickets WED 6 DEC 2:00 PM

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"Mary's fine eye for detail suited me perfectly.  She has a passion and love for what she does. I feel empowered and educated from working with her. I am already working on my next piece and Mary will be first on my list to share the journey with."


-Jaden Adams, Actor and Writer

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